The 10 Best Olympic Weight Benches Of 2017

best olympic weight benches

When considering buying of the best Olympic weight bench, it is important to explore the pros and cons of the top models on the market. You must also think about your own specific requirements. Although there may be little difference between them, some models are more appropriate for certain exercises, while others are more durable. Some models include extras. Here is an in-depth look at the best Olympic weight bench models on offer currently.

1. Marcy’s Competitor Olympic Bench

One of the most revered on the market, Marcy’s Competitor Olympic Bench features a multi-position adjustable back pad. This back rest can be utilized in five different ways. Able to hold up to 600 pounds, the bench features high-density 2-inch thick padding for comfortable use. To boost your lower body, it features a two-function leg developer with foam padded rollers for comfort. The advantages of this bench lay in its affordability, while also catering to people who are over 6 foot tall. It has been praised for its sturdiness despite its lightweight and low price. Yet, the bar can only hold around 170 pounds before it starts to bend. Equally, setup is a little complicated, as a few of the fixings seem not to fit in their designated area. While some parts seem sturdy, a couple of the attachments are a little weak.

2. Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench

This bench offers two extra backrest settings than the one above, while also featuring a dual leg developer. It includes a variety of accessories such as an arm curl bar, an ab crunch, and a preacher curl pad. This model has advanced safety features: safety hooks and a no-pinch’ design systems to help reduce hand injuries. It is a sturdy choice for the affordable price, with relatively easy assembly. The padding keeps the solid frame comfortable, while it is a good choice for tall people. One downside is that you cannot do squats unless you are very short. Moreover, despite quick shipping, the product does not include assembly instructions. It is also limited to a maximum of 180 pounds on the bars.

3. Phoenix 99226 Power Pro Olympic Bench

This excellent model features three back positions with a lat tower, preacher curl attachments, and a leg lift. While basic in function, it does include a squat rack. Bonuses include that this model is extremely sturdy on account of its 3-inch steel frame. While this makes it durable, the 1-year warranty means it can be replaced if faulty. Similarly, unlike other models, this features attachments for larger holes for Olympic weights. The leg extension works well for both tall and short people. On the negative side, some parts have to be taken off to use other features or to put weights larger than 10 pounds on. The assembly is a little tough and the bench is not designed for people who are taller than 6 foot.

4. Marcy Diamond Olympic Surge Bench

This piece of equipment features four positions in which the back pad can be placed. Both the back and seat pad are on sliding tracks to help with correct positioning. With roller pads for comfort, the bench features a dual-function leg tool. One of the advantages of this model are the bar catches which allow you to perform squats. Another pro is that the leg developer can be locked in place, meaning it doesn’t interfere with other lifts. This bench provides enough room to use dumbbells, while still being sturdy. Moreover, the squat attachments can be positioned in two different places, creating further space. On the downside, the seat can be a little bit wobbly. Equally the weight storage comes for 1-inch holes, which is too small for Olympic weights, so you need an extra adapter.

5. Gold’s Gym XRS 20 Olympic Workout Bench

This product features an independent utility bench which is a great advantage as it can be moved to carry out squats. The leg developer has 6 settings, allowing for full leg development. It also features a curl yoke to build the upper body and a preacher bad. While not the sturdiest bench, it is good value for money and helps with posture. The bench is easy to assemble and has the advantage of extra features for leg development. However, the sturdiness of this bench is compromised by the design, where there are not enough fittings to keep it straight. This may be a problem for someone who doesn’t have the tools to fix this.

6. Best Fitness Olympic Bench

The Best Fitness Olympic Bench enables you to carry out shoulder, incline, and flat bench exercises. It has a leg developer and can fit both 6 and 7-foot bars. The advantages to purchasing this include the lifetime guarantee plus the fold-up design for storage. It is easy to assemble, with tools to help the process. There is the added feature of a safety lock for the bar, and the product is simple to fold away. Some previous customers have reported missing parts, which seems to have been quite a common problem. This bench is much better suited to taller people due the large gap between the seat and the back support.

7. Valor Fitness BF-39 Flat Incline Decline Adjustable Olympic Bench

The Valor Fitness model comes with 4 settings for the backrest and 4 adjustable placements for the seat. Added extras include barbell lock hooks on both sides, 2 safety catches, and storage pegs. It can hold up to 400 pounds, so it well suited to the heavier lifter. One great advantage is that the bench features a decline position. Equally, the steel frame is sturdy but lightweight. Yet on the negative side, the instructions are difficult to decipher and the fittings are difficult to attach. This bench also does not include a leg developer or any means for squats.

8. Ancheer Olympic Weight Bench

This weight bench features 4 incline methods, along with a detachable and height adjustable barbell rack for squats. There is also a leg developer, and a preacher curl bar. Designed for the use of heavy weights, the high-density steel can hold up to 600 pounds. The pros of this bench are its versatility and its intense sturdiness. The padding is extremely comfortable and the paint is rust-proof. However, the instructions are incomprehensible, making it hard to assemble. Furthermore, removing the bench from the weight rack is a little difficult to manage.

9. Adidas Olympic Bench

The bench on this model is multi-adjustable and features thick foam for high levels of comfort. The stand features 7 teeth for catching the bar, providing versatility in height and exercise style. This bench also includes a complete leg developer. To its credit, this bench is easy to assemble and very secure. The leg developer is of high quality, which is unusual for a bench, while the curled bar catches increase the safety. It is easy to adjust the seat and the bar that holds it in place keeps for a sturdy base. On the flip side, the bench is very basic, not including a preacher curl, while selling at quite a high price. There are attachments but they come at an extra cost.

10. XMark International Olympic Weight Bench

The final version is aimed toward more serious weight lifters, with the capacity for 700 pounds. The bench has three settings, including a decline setting. There is also a preacher curl and a leg developer. One of the benefits of this model is the versatility. For example, it can be used in reverse for 6 different crunch style exercises. Equally, it includes safety spotters to prevent injury. It is built very solidly and fits an Olympic size bar. Assembly is also very easy. However, the cushions appear low quality and aren’t particularly comfortable. Moreover, the placements of the bolts can cause it to bow slightly. Another downside is that this model is quite high priced.

It is important to consider your own requirements before buying a bench. The Best Fitness Olympic Bench is a great choice for the occasional user as it folds away. Alternatively, the heavy lifter may prefer something more sturdy, such as the XMark International Olympic Weight Bench.